Kim has carefully crafted a range of clinics and workshops to include variety, and to help people and their horses from all backgrounds and disciplines. The below can be tailored as required, and are limited to a maximum of 8 participants. Get in touch to book.

Kim training youngsters

Confidence Clinics

It’s very important to Kim to develop and cultivate happy, confident horses and people, in a safe manner. Kim’s approach in the Confidence Clinics is one in which you are shown basic groundwork and body control methods, as well as how to teach your horses to relax in ‘adverse’ surroundings.

1 Day Confidence Building Clinic – Find your feet

Start the day by learning essential body control skills for you and your horse from the ground, before moving on to teaching your horse how to ‘cope’ with scary objects and situations in a relaxed manner, in the afternoon.

2 Day Confidence Building Clinic – Saddle up

Day 1, as above. Day 2 – learn and develop body control skills under saddle, whilst also teaching your horse how to soften and relax. These skills will then be put to the test with the ‘scary objects’ in the afternoon!

1/2 Day Groundwork Workshop – Re-connect

Groundwork skills are the foundation for a more harmonious relationship between you and your horse! Learn the basics of groundwork skills, while developing a mutually respectful relationship and bond between you and your horse. This fun, half-day workshop has been carefully crafted by Kim, based on the expertise she has gained during her experiences across the globe.

Intro to Long Reining Clinic

Long Reining is a skill which nowadays is often overlooked as part of a horses regular working routine, however Kim believes it is a skill absolutely worth having, reaping endless benefits for both you and your horse. In this one day taster clinic, you will learn how to improve your horses softness, balance, strength, response to aids, and how to encourage self carriage…all through the art of long reining.

Young Horse Workshops

A great little 2hr workshop to introduce your babies to new places and faces! During this workshop Kim will go through basic body control groundwork, and your babies will also be introduced to some obstacles and props to help build their confidence (and yours!)

Liberty Clinics

Kim is very excited to be able to finally offer Liberty Clinics on home soil! There really is no feeling like working your horse at liberty. The connection it creates between you and your horse is like nothing else.

1 Day Foundations of Liberty Clinic – Start the journey

Learn the foundational skills essential to start your liberty journey with your horse. In this rewarding clinic you will learn how to ‘start’ your horse at liberty. Please note: round pens are required for the ‘liberty start’ in the afternoon session of the clinic.

2 Day Foundations of Liberty Clinic – Hone your skills

In the 2 day variation of the clinic, you will have more time dedicated to developing your skills at liberty. Day 2 will see you spend more time in the Round Pen with your horse, honing your skills. You will also have the chance to learn some bonus trick training if time permits!

Clinic Fees

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Booking and Further Information

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