An Attitude of Gratitude

Today I write to you from one of my favorite cafes, I’m currently parked up on a picnic bench, under a willow tree, listening to incredibly vibey music and sipping on a coconut cappuccino. Just to add to the scene, I am post yoga class too!

In this moment, all I can feel is IMMENSE gratitude. If I was a cat, (which honestly is not an animal I relate to!) I swear I’d be purring right now!

This time 18 months ago, I was MISERABLE. I had made a very questionable decision, and upped and moved my life, myself, and my animals to a bad place, with bad people. All because I didn’t feel like I was quite good enough to fully put myself out there with my business yet, I felt I wasn’t quite ready, and I was sure I still had more to learn, before I ‘deserved’ to share myself and my knowledge with others.

What I DID learn, was that A) I now have considerably more self worth/respect for myself than I ever have, and therefore I will not put myself through rubbish that I don’t need to  B) I know more than I thought and C) The power of ‘I’ll show you itis’ is incredibly strong, and when you remember things happen for you and not to you, you can use it to light a fire under your ass to do what you need to do to reach your goals!

Before I left this place, I was not in a good spot mentally, I felt stuck, abit broken, and all I dreamed of was this moment that I’m sat in right now, being fully self employed, running my business, being my own boss, and doing something I truly love…helping people and their horses. (and occasionally doing it sat in a lovely cafe sipping coffee!)

And while I am by no means at the point where I want to be, and the biz still has ALOT of growing left to do to help support me, the animals, and living my best life…I am SO appreciative of this journey.

Some days things are difficult, some days I feel like I put myself out there and no ones listening, some days I worry I’m not going to make enough money, and wonder if I should just get ‘a proper job’ But days like today, I remember why I will KEEP doing this. 

Working for myself, doing what I love, helping people quite literally change their lives and that of their horses, means the world. It is SUCH a privilege and an honor, and is definitely why I was put on this earth. 

In hard moments, and when you feel like life isn’t quite going your way (with your horse or otherwise), finding small moments of joy and gratitude is so incredibly important. The small things really are the big things.

Last week we touched on gratitude, and having a gratitude practice inside of EEP, and this practice always has a profound affect on my students.

So if you don’t have a gratitude practice, I invite you to give it a try, for a day, or even a week.

And you’ll find more and more to be grateful for, and suddenly, your whole outlook on life has changed.

So there you go!

I hope this landed with whomever it needed to!