2020…an optimistic review!

Hello All and Welcome to my very first blog!

If you’re here, thanks for turning up…and I hope you enjoy! I thought this would be a nice way to keep people updated on the business, and my life in general with horses. I’ll also be covering topics such as confidence building for you and your horse, liberty work, and occasionally I’ll cover previous horsey adventures too! I really enjoy writing, and I’m not really one for video blogging, (makes me cringe…I’m working on it!), so here we are!

For this first blog I thought it would make sense to cover the insane year that has been 2020, a year that has turned the whole world upside down, and NOT the most ideal year to choose to launch a business…! (Still thanking my lucky stars everyday that I successfully finished 2019’s year of horsey travel before COVID-19 appeared…phew) I’m aware there’s a lot of doom and gloom around at the minute, and I’ve certainly experienced a few stings of my own this year…so with that in mind, I’m going to keep this light, and only focus on the positives that 2020 has had to offer!

One of my favourite things to happen this year has been the arrival of my small and furry best friend Mavis, a Scottie x Poodle, who is now nearly 10 months old. I was genuinely terrified at the thought of being fully responsible for a little fluffy person, but it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She’s made me laugh more times than I can count, and she might just be the best snuggler (not a word but I’m making it one) ever, which in a world where we are definitely not allowed to hug people…has been a major plus! Her favourite hobbies include eating horse poo, finding and destroying my hair bobbles, and climbing hay bales like a little black mountain goat. She’s been the best, and most hilarious lockdown buddy a girl could ask for!

I’ve also been lucky enough to spend the majority of this year, training horses down in beautiful Broadway. If you haven’t been, it’s a lovely village in the cotswolds, and home to a rather spectacular fish and chip shop (their mushy peas are GLORIOUS).

Here I was able to put a lot of what I have learnt with different trainers in the past few years into practice, working with lots of young paint and quarter horses at the beginning of their career. This was an invaluable experience, and along the way I found myself tweaking bits of training here and there, finding what suited me and the particular horse I was working with best, eventually coming up with my own program that I was happy with. I found working with these horses incredibly rewarding, especially when you see them experience the ‘ah ha!’ moment, in which they not only trust you, but understand you…and exactly what it is that you are asking for. Horses really are the best teachers. I think if you’re willing to have an open mind and a positive attitude with each horse you meet, and you can allow yourself to stand back, look at the bigger picture and be present, the path to understanding them and where they are at, becomes a lot clearer, and you’re able to better help them, and in turn have them help you! (#neverstoplearning)

Another thing I’m grateful for this year, in between various different lockdown legislations, is I have still been able to teach…admittedly not as much as I had planned, but then 2020 hasn’t gone ‘as planned’ for anyone! During different parts of the year my teaching has included virtual lessons, one to one lessons, and even a few clinics, which I’ve been absolutely thrilled to teach, and in the spirit of being thankful, I am incredibly grateful to all who have trusted me in booking and taking lessons, and also to everyone who has attended the clinics, I’m incredibly thankful for your support, particularly in such a financially difficult year for all. I’ve loved getting to know different clients and their horses this year, I’ve had a great deal of fun teaching across the country, and watching people’s relationships with their horses grow and change for the better. I have a lot planned for next year with lots of different clinics and workshops, (I’ll touch on this in the next blog) and I’m really excited to continue helping current clients meet their goals, and to meet new clients and their horses in 2021!

Aaaand finally, another highlight of 2020, which only came into fruition a week ago, Snoox and little Merlin, arrived last Sunday, to become part of the Idyllwild team. Snoox is a 6 year old American Quarter Horse, owned and trained by my good friend Kate, who rather fortuitously asked me if I would like him on loan (I immediately said yes!!!), and Merlin is a Shetland cross and a rescue pony, from the Rescue Ranch in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. Poor old Merlin had a terrible start in life, and was rescued after being left in a lorry for four days, destined for the meat man.

For anyone that knows me, you’ll know, that having horses of my own is kind of a big deal, and I feel incredibly lucky that both these horses have come my way!

I’m 32 years old, I’ve been around horses since I was a teenager, been obsessed with them since I was probably about 5, and I have NEVER had horses of my own (apart from a wooden hobby horse called ‘lucky’, but even he was on loan from my cousin). So this has been another occasion, similar to when Mavis arrived, where I was ridiculously excited, but also slightly terrified! It’s funny how you start to question yourself, along with your own knowledge and abilities, when the responsibility is completely your own. I’m pleased to say however, that both horses have survived in my care for their first week! I’ve loved every minute with them so far, they’re both very sweet and eager to learn, and their personalities are very different… I think they’ll definitely be teaching me as much as I teach them. Stay tuned for updates with both of the boys, I have a lot planned for them…and can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve together!

So that’s it! First blog in the bag. 2020 has definitely been one to remember, for many, it’s not been the best, but I hope you can all find the positives of this year and remember those too.
If you’re interested and want to learn more about what I do, you can find me at Idyllwild Horsemanship on FB, and @idyllwildhorsemanship on Instagram. Details on upcoming events are on the FB page, and are now listed on the website too. I’m always happy to chat, so any questions, just pop me a pm or an email!

Thanks for tuning in, until next time…over and out.


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  1. LOVED reading that Kim, not only are you great with animals and people alike but you are also excellent with words. Always entertaining and down to earth, people can easily relate to you.
    Keep up the good work, I’ve got your back all the way.
    Kate X

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